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This website is a source of information for you on the real estate properties on the Eastern Seaboard in our portfolio. We understand that when you are looking for a condominium or a house, you want to see more than just the premises, you are also interested in the environment, such as gardens, swimming pool, and other facilities. After all, you don't just buy the condo, you also buy part of the facilities! And, you can always refurbish the condo but not the environment... therefore we offer a full overview of each condominium complex in our portfolio, with plenty of pictures for you to browse through. Buying property in Thailand doesn't have to be a stressful activity. 4A Properties can advise you in matters such as transfer of ownership, what ifs when married to a Thai national, what about buying a house through the setting up of a private company, low-cost refurbishing of apartments, etc etc. We invite you to visit us at our office where we can assist and advise you. Buying property is an important decision, and you should take your time to arrive at the best possible conclusion. Do visit our website regularly. Our task is to assist you in the buying process in the most honest possible way.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot show all our available properties on this website.
Please feel free to contact us at our modern and spacious office witch offers you  everything you require to handle your property  needs . We will be happy to provide you with our professional service

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